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Support Victims of Domestic Violence

Get Involved with Precious Hearts

At Precious Hearts Foundation, we provide safety and support to victims of domestic violence through safe and confidential transitional housing for women, single mothers, and elderly women and for men, single fathers, and elderly men. Your donation can help us continue this important work. 

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Let's Make A Change Together

Here are some ways you can donate:



13720 Old St. Augustine Rd. # 8-322 Jacksonville, FL 32258-7414

Make a tax deductible donation via US Mail


Make a tax deductible donation now

Over the Phone

Make a tax deductible via mobile site

Want To Be A Volunteer?


The Precious Hearts Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those within our community. 

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life who are eager to make a positive impact in their community. Our dedicated volunteers contribute in a variety of ways, such as distributing food, performing administrative tasks, and providing assistance to the homeless.


By working together, we strive to help those who are less fortunate and in need of our support. Take the opportunity to join us and make a meaningful difference in someone's life today!

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