The Abuse STOPS Here!

Victim's Advocate

                                                    Claire Cappetta - Victim's Advocate

Claire Cappetta. She is an author, life coach, cognitive behavioral therapist, and advocate. Her early life was spent in Yorkshire, England. She retired from the financial world to concentrate on the dream of publishing a first novel, based on her journey through relationships, abuse, and domestic violence through to inspiration and empowerment.

Understanding that rape, abuse, and domestic violence are difficult topics to cover but rather than looking at it as a deep, dark subject, wants to throw light and empowerment at it, to show people there is 'Light at the end of the tunnel'. That the journey they have been through will forever change them, but it also made them stronger and they should be proud to say they survived instead of trying to hide it.

Claire has been a speaker on Domestic Violence at various events: Barrier Free Living, Moving Beyond Shame, Shattering the Silence Tour in NYC. She has also appeared on various Blog Talk Radio shows including Freedom Talk Radio with Andy Peacher in the UK, also contributing posts to See the Triumph Organization, etc. Her work has been endorsed by various professionals including Carol Senior of the American Screenwriters Guild, Audry Hardy of The Hope Healing House Foundation, Ohio. She holds diplomas in Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychology and Mental Health.